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Serco has an experienced team of qualified refrigeration and air conditioning engineers throughout Lincolnshire to keep your air conditioning system in good working order.

We offer service contracts to all types of installation. To help you get the right level of service contract, one of our qualified service engineers will assess your requirements and make a recommendation as to how often a service should be carried out.

We have engineers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to carry out repairs and attend to emergency breakdowns.

Do you have your air conditioning serviced?

If NOT please read on:

Did you know that a Service/Planned Maintenance contract will almost certainly save you money in the long term?

Our company statistics show that those customers who carry out a planned maintenance programme on their A/C systems have fewer breakdowns, saving both downtime and callout/repair costs.

Does your air conditioning give off an unpleasant smell?

Air conditioning systems that aren’t serviced and cleaned regularly can begin to give off a stale smell due to general grime and stagnant water building up in the evaporator coil. During a a planned maintenance visit this coil will be treated with specially designed cleaning agents helping to prevent or eliminate nasty smells from your air conditioning systems.

Did you realise that planned maintenance can increase the efficiency of you air conditioning systems?

During a planned maintenance visit, system filters will be cleaned or replaced and the outdoor condenser coli cleaned/cleared from debris and blockages. Both elements of your system will become blocked over time during normal use. Failure to clean these elements WILL result in a system breakdown or poor efficiency of your system.

Did you realise that in July 2007 under the Kyoto Protocol the Government introduced new F Gas legislation (regulations to contain, prevent and thereby reduce the emissions of flourinated greenhouse gases)? This legislation states that all air conditioning systems carrying more than 3kg of gas (including pipe runs) needs to be clearly labelled, leak tested once per annum and have a refrigerant log sheet created and kept on site. This is now the legal requirement of the OWNER of the system.

During our first planned maintenance visit, SERCO will label all systems and compile a comprehensive refrigerant log folder for you to keep on site FREE OF CHARGE. A leak test will also be carried out on all systems as part of the service, ensuring that you and your business are fully F Gas compliant without worry.

Serco Electrical and Refrigeration are based in Lincoln and cover all aspects of electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning work. We can offer you a FREE QUOTATION for a planned maintenance contract to suit your budget that will almost certainly save you and your business money over the long term.